Adventure 2 Advance

Our mission at Adventure 2 Advance is to create social awareness, growth, and change through adventures that encourage and inspire others. We are made up of a group of innovative and inspiring individuals with a passion for adventure and social change.

We believe that with passion and heart no obstacle is too big or insurmountable.  Through our expeditions, we believe in taking action to develop and enhance our global community.

Founded in 2009 by Steve Curtis with the direct mandate to channel the passion he and his friends had for adventure into advancing social causes and creating social change.  This passion and drive to effect change led him and the first expedition team – Luc Martin and Marissa Cepelinski – to set the goal of raising $30,000 for the Take a Hike Foundation through their shared goal of summiting Mount Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the world outside of Asia (22,841 ft).

Take a Hike engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of adventure-based learning, counseling, academics and community involvement. Take a Hike guides and empowers youth into a positive path with positive outcomes. It provides at risk kids with the opportunity to create and redesign their now into a tangible, successful future―one that fits and empowers, giving them life-long constructive, survival tools.

In 2010, the Aconcagua expedition exceeded their goal of raising $30,000 for the Take a Hike Risk Foundation and raised a total of $31,150 towards the $150,000 needed to expand the Take a Hike program nationally.

Fuelled by our major successes in 2010, we have set even loftier goals for this year’s expedition. Our fundraising goal of $150,000 directly supports the REMAINING amount needed to expand the Take a Hike program. THE NEXT CITY REQUIRES $150,000 AND WILL OPEN IN 2012. 

The Everest expedition team – Sam Wyatt and Steve Curtis – leave on March 27th for this 2-month epic adventure. You can follow their progress through our blog and help us reach our goal by making a donation.

There are two ways that you can join the Adventure 2 Advance community.

  1. Make a donation to support the 2012 Everest expedition, follow the team as they make their attempt to summit the tallest peak on earth, and send them words of encouragement through our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  2. If you have a world-class adventure like climbing a mounting, breaking a record or winning some kind of race and would like to use your endeavour to raise money or awareness for a social cause we will help you. Post your challenge up on our site and we will give you all the tools to communicate with your network to get them behind you and your cause.

Sam and Steve thank you for all of your support in helping them achieve this goal. If you would like to send them messages of support, please post your words of encouragement on our Facebook wall.